A ‘Shocking’ Project…

My niece’s birthday was about a week ago and to keep up with past history, we made her a birthday present.  Bean loves his cousin and he always loves it when she will sit down and talk or play Pokemon with him.  For new readers, Bean is obsessed with Pokemon!!

The past couple of years he has made her pillows that have to do with Pokemon.  This year, keeping with the theme, we had fun and made her a stuffed Pikachu!  They both love Pikachu, but then anyone who enjoys Pokemon is usually a Pikachu fan.

Thought I’d share some pics of our project.  He came out cute in the end and has lovingly been named ‘Shockers’.

First, Bean made a paper pattern… then he insisted on colouring it.

Next was to cut it out on the, oh so yellow, fleece that we had picked out for Pikachu.

We sewed him up, stuff him, added features and VOILA!!  The finished product:

Artists we are not, but we had fun!  So, how’d we do?  Does he look at all like the real thing?






A Time Where People Are More Accepting…

I wish I lived…This is the writing prompt for the Blog Dare today.  I haven’t done these for a few days with life being a little busier than normal, and thought this one would be a good one to jump back in!

I could say that I wish I lived in Australia.  This has always been a dream of mine, but I think I am going to go on a little different tangent.  I wish I lived in a time where people were more accepting and understanding.

am a parent of a child with Autism, more specifically, Asperger’s.  He changes my life each and every day for the better. Don’t think that I am saying everyday is all roses, but I am proud of who he has become and look forward to getting to see where he is going in the future.  Bean is a smart, funny and loving little guy and I hope that society will someday see him for his ‘ability’ rather than his so called, ‘disability’.

I am an advocate for my son because society doesn’t accept those with Autism as individuals the way they are.  Society expects that those living with Autism should change so that they fit the mold that has been created.  If they don’t change, they don’t fit in! Seriously, do you not think that those living with Autism have enough challenges, that they also need to worry so much about how society sees them… or doesn’t see them?

I am a home educator for the reason that our local school isn’t accepting enough of our son.  The Board does not require teachers and staff at the schools to educate themselves about special needs.  I commend those teachers that do take that initiative and spend their own time and money to improve their knowledge.  It does make things easier for everyone down the road.  If only more people could see that.

As a family affected with Autism, I fear the proposed changes in the DSM-5.  Changing the diagnostic criteria certainly doesn’t make Asperger’s and it’s challenges, go away.  Yet it seems this is where even the medical professionals are heading.  I know so many parents that have fought long and hard to ascertain a diagnosis for their child and now that could be removed.  If you remove the ‘labels’ (I do hate that term), the challenges are still there, but now the supports and resources aren’t. This change is also going to affect schools and teachers. There is already a lack of supports!  If the same children that were previously diagnosed with Asperger’s are no longer getting the supports, how are teachers going to manage them in classes?  Many already can’t!  So then what happens?  Are these children going to be moved back to self contained classes?  Doesn’t this seem like a step backwards where we are again segregating those with challenges rather than accepting their differences and trying to integrate them?

How would you finish this sentence… I wish I lived…?

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